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The pillphill 10

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Every few months, we sift through our cloud logs to identify pills that cause our pill counter problems. During this process, we also identify what pills are most popular. We publish and update the pillphill 10. This list contains the 10 most counted medications using the pillphill app.

In case your favorite or most counted medication isn't listed here, don't fret. Keep in mind we have pharmacy professionals around the world. Unfortunately we can't narrow down by region because we do not collect that data for privacy reasons. All we log are count requests and the probable drug involved. A lot of medications kind of look the same which is why we do not have identification built into the app yet.

To avoid this list becoming a list of all the generics and strengths of some statin or metformin we have combined and reported by active ingredient.


#10 - Pantoprazole

A proton pump inhibitor. Common use cases are GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and PUD (Peptic Ulcer Disease).


#9 - Acetaminophen or Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen, a classic, and its combination with hydrocodone are very popular. We want to take this time to remind our users that our terms of service prohibit using pillphill to exclusively act as the count or double count for narcotics.


#8 - Atorvastatin

This will not be the only statin on this list. We also expected atorvastatin to be a bit higher.


#7 - Metoprolol

A beta-blocker. A common hypertension drug with a key role in heart failure treatment.


#6 - Losartan

An angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB). Mostly interchangeable with ACEis for most indications and no cough! ACEis and ARBs have found their way into the mainstays of many diseases including diabetes, CKD, and hypertension.


#5 - Sertraline

A common antidepressant. The 50 mg strength was most common. The only SSRI on our list, citalopram was the second most common drug of this class.


#4 - Rosuvastatin

The most counted statin. Statins play an important role in cardiovascular risk reduction.


#3 - Lisinopril

An ACE inhibitor. Used in hypertension, CKD, heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Watch out for the cough!


#2 - Metformin

The 500 mg strength was most common. Metformin is the backbone of type 2 diabetes treatment. More research into new indications...especially some new novel uses will likely keep metformin popular for decades. A favorable side effect profile helps too.


Honorable mentions - Cetirizine, montelukast and omeprazole

Cetirizine will probably not make an appearance again until next years allergy season so we wanted to give it a special nod.


#1 - Levothyroxine

Synthetic T4. Probably not a surprise to anyone just like metformin. We don't expect this number 1 spot to change.


There is obviously a strong bias for medications commonly found in the tablet form vs capsule form. We are aware the pill counter does not count capsules with the same level of accuracy as tablets and our clients realize this and opt to hand count or use other means. The most popular capsule was gabapentin.

Medications popularly found in prepackaged foils were less likely to be counted (which is good: keeping the factory packaging ensures integrity and stability), this reason is likely why simvastatin and popular combination hypertension medications are rarely logged on our platform.

Did this list surprise you? Want to influence this list? Try the pill counter here!

Disclaimer: The pillphill 10 offers no clinical, scientific, or predictive value. We sample and model our log data sporadically when making the pillphill 10 and rankings may change depending on many factors. Diagrams and illustrations presented are not accurate. Using a diagram or illustration from this page may result in loss of a job, failure in a pharmacology course and/or significant harm including death.

Last updated: April 16th, 2021

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