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If you count pills 5, 10, 15, 20... you probably are doing it wrong - I'll Wait Reads

The art (and math) of counting pills.

If you clicked on this article just to see if it was the thing you were expecting, then yes, this is that, you may click away now. But if you have no clue what I am referencing, that means you have always been doing it right, or no one has called you out yet.


This is what I am referencing:

  • When you move 5 pills with your spatula into the collection tube, you count up by 1, not 5

  • So for a total of 30 pills, you only need to count up to 6


Why is this done?

  • Less chance you will lose count

    • 35, 40, 45, WHERE IS THE TOOTHPASTE!, 55, 60, 65

  • If you are doing a 90 day supply of metformin twice daily, counting to 180 is exhausting. "one hundred thirty five", "one hundred forty"...

    • Using the method above only requires counting to 36

But what I am doing works!

Don't change it then! There are different ways to count up. Some people count up by 5s and reset their counts at groups of 50 or 100. If you are happy with your technique, keep it. Let's hit those quotas!

If you're not happy with your counting technique, try our mobile pill counter available on iOS!

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